Change Out Your Old Roof

Change Out Your Old Roof

Top off your home with a roof replacement in Pittsfield & Lenox, MA and Berkshire County

Your home is only as good as the roof on top of it. If your roof is rusty and full of holes, you could end up with severe mold and water damage inside. Don't let this happen to you. Call J Smegal Roofing for a roof replacement today. We'll tear off your existing roof and install a brand-new one. Being voted the 'Best Roofer' in Berkshire County, our clients trust us to deliver the best service.

How do you know you need a roof replacement? If there has been wind or hail damage to your roof, you should consider having it replaced. Replacement is also a good idea if your roof is leaking or deteriorating. On average, our roof replacements take between two and four days at most. We offer these services to both commercial and residential properties.

Call 413-281-6948 now to request a roof replacement in Pittsfield & Lenox, MA. We serve all of Berkshire County!

Discover what metal roofing can do for your property

When considering options for your roof replacement, make sure you take metal roofing into account. This material has a lot of benefits that make it an ideal choice.

In addition to metal roofing, we work with:

  • Shingle and asphalt roofing
  • EPDM roofing
  • Silicone-based roof coatings
  • Synthetic roofing

Silcone-based roof coating comes with a 50-year product warranty. This material is used for flat roofs.

We also offer labor warranties on our roofing services.

Contact us today to find out more about metal roofing in Pittsfield & Lenox, MA and Berkshire County.